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Micro-Soudeuse TPT HB-16

Equipement permettant la réalisation de micro-soudures Wedge et ball en deep access permettant de souder des fils d'or et d'aluminium allant de 17 à 75 µm sur des substrats métallisés.

TPT HB-16 Wire Bonder

Equipment allowing the realization of Wedge and ball micro-welds in deep access allowing to weld gold and aluminum wires ranging from 17 to 75 μm on metallized substrates.



Tool name:
Micro-soudeuse TPT HB-16 MOS (A-MONT)
Assemblage (Bât G)
Assemblage / Device mounting


  • Gold, aluminium, silver & copper wire

Wire sizes from 17µm to 75µm Ribbon sizes up to 25x250µm

  •  Wedge, ball & ribbon bonding

Easy to switch between different bonding modes

  •  Repeatable Loop Profiles

Motorised axis allows precise loop repetition

  • 6.5" Touch Panel

6.5" Touch Panel provides easy, intuitive control

  •  Automatic bond height adjustment

Z-axis sensor identifies touch down & sets height parameters

  •  Simple Loop Programming

Create individual loop profiles consisting of up to 10 steps

  • Storage of 100 parameters

Storage & access of up to 100 parameter sets

  •  Deep & wide access

Ample work space due to special bond head design

  •  Motorised Wire Clamp

Precise tail length control



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