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Machine permettant le dépot d'encre ou de pate sur différents supports (PCB, wafer) par transfert au travers d'un pochoir adapté.

Machine allowing the deposit of ink or paste on different supports (PCB, wafer) by transfer through a suitable stencil.



Tool name:
sérigraphie MOS (A-INTE)
Integration/Assemblage (Bât G1/G)
Integration/ Device mounting


  • Accuracy and Repeatability : 2 Cpk @ +/- 20 m
  • Cycle Core Time : 10 seconds
  • Max. Board Size (Print Area) : 610mm (X) x 508mm (Y)
  • Print Speed : 2mm to 150mm/sec
  • Squeegee Pressure Mechanism : Software controlled, motorised, with closed loop feedback
  • Stencil Alignment : Motorised via actuators X Y and Theta
  • Stencil Positioning : Manual with screen depth adjuster
  • Tooling : Magnetic tooling pins, 19mm dia x 25, 4mm dia x 25
  • Camera : Hawkeye 750 digital camera, using IEEE 1394 interface. Multi channel.LED lighting. FOV 5mm x 8.5mm
  • Fiducial Recognition : Automatic fiduicial teach and find incorporating 0.1mm fiducial capture
  • Tooling Deviation Monitor : Verification of tooling setup via squeegee pressure feedback
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensor : Monitoring of the process environment
  • Printer Construction : One piece optimised welded frame
  • ISCAN Machine Control : Motion control using CAN BUS network
  • Camera Positioning : Rotary motors and encoders, with 4 micron resolution
  • Machine Interface : Upline and downline FMI included
  • Squeegee : Clamped double trailing edge squeegee (1 set included)

Process Parameters Specification

  • Print Pressure : 0kg to 20kg
  • Print Gap : 0mm to 6mm
  • Screen Separation : Speed: 0.1mm to 20mm/sec
  •                                  Distance: 0mm to 3mm
  • Print Modes : ProFlow, Print/Print, Print/Flood, Flood/Print, Adhesive
  • Paste Knead : Programmable: number, period, on demand



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