Picture of wet bench metal etching NoMOS (F-FRAI)
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Wet bench used for the etching of metals such as gold, chromium, aluminium, platinum, copper, nickel,...and metal based oxydes such as AZO or ITO. The etching is done manually by pouring the suited wet etch solution in a dish and dipping the metalized wafer in the solution until the desired metalic layer is removed. The wafer is then pre-rinsed in a second dish of DI water and then rinsed in a rinse bath. After rinsing, the wafer is dried with a nitrogen gun or spinned dry. Beware of corrosive chemicals on the bench before use.Make sure there is no residues before starting to work.In case of suspect liquid on the bench rinse with DI water and dry prior to use. Always remove  chemicals  residues by rinsing and drying after use. Decontaminate by rinsing and drying glassware after use and place it's usual place. D'ont leave anything on the bench unless you have to and it is for a short period. In this case fill out a label to provide all the required informations about what you leave. 

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wet bench metal etching NoMOS (F-FRAI)
Chimie / Chemistry (Bât F)
Procédés humides / Wet process benches
wet bench

Gold and chromium etchant are ready to use in bottles inside a drawer below the bench . Other etchants are made by mixing acids and/or other chemicals together.

Befor etching a mettal  through a resist mask, we strongly recommand when possible to follow a descum procedure (e.g. a gentle oxygen plasma ) for the surface to be evenly wetted by the aqueous solution and consequently prevent bubulles to mask the etching in areas such as holes.


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