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Le modèle de plastifieuse manuel ML 3024 est conçu pour assurer une stratification fiable de toute résine photosensible en film sec sur les couches internes, les circuits imprimés multicouches, recto et recto-verso et les pièces de fraisage chimiques.

The manual Laminator model ML 3024 is designed to provide reliable lamination of any dry film photoresist to inner layers, multi-layers, single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, and chemical milling parts.


Tool name:
Shipley 3024 MOS (A-INTE)
Integration/Assemblage (Bât G1/G)
Integration/ Device mounting
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4 hours
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0 hours
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  • Panel size

Width (max): 635 mm

thickness (min, max): 0.025 core, 12.7 mm

  • Dry film Photoresist size

Width: 610 mm

Rolls diameter: 250 mm

  • Conveyor

conveyoir height (min, max): 1025, 1110 mm

  • Conveyor speed

Adjustable up to: 3 m/min

  • Lamination Roll

Temperature (max): 230°C

Material: Silicone rubber 65SH/75SH

  • Lamination Pressure

Pressure: 3-6 bar



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