Picture of Glove box for HF based chemistry NoMOS (F-FRAI)
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This Glove box is devoted to native silicon oxide removal with 5% HF or silicon oxide etching with 1-7 BOE (Buffered Oxide Etchant) or other uses of HF based chemicals.

Make sure you have no protruding jewels on your hand and no long nails before using the glovebox.  Put on a new pair of disposable gloves before using the glovebox. Beware of toxic and corrosive chemicals on the bench before use.Make sure there is no residues before starting to work.In case of suspect liquid on the bench rinse with DI water and dry prior to use. Always remove  chemicals  residues by rinsing and drying after use. Empty and decontaminate by rinsing and drying plasticware after use and place it in  it's usual place. Don't leave any chemical in the plasticware on the bench unless you have to and it is for a short period. In this case fill out a label to provide all the required informations about what you leave. 

Make sure you have put the lid on the HF bath and  leave the gloves of the box out of it as shown in the available document when you have finished using it (this is to prevent riks of gloves soaking in HF bath for a long period)

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Glove box for HF based chemistry NoMOS (F-FRAI)
Chimie / Chemistry (Bât F)
Procédés humides / Wet process benches
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