Picture of Nettoyage wafers UH-117 MOS (A-MONT)
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Nettoyage wafers UH-117

Equipement de nettoyage de wafer 4" sans contact avec possibilité de nettoyer des MEMS.

- wafer maintenu sur chuck par le vide

- nettoyage par eau D.I

- séchage par azote 

- possibilité de rajouter une ligne de solvant ou de gaz supplementaire.

UH-117 cleanning Wafer

4 "non-contact wafer cleaning equipment with possibility of cleaning MEMS.

- wafer maintained on chuck by vacuum

- water cleaning D.I

- nitrogen drying

- Possibility of adding a line of solvent or additional gas.

Tool name:
Nettoyage wafers UH-117 MOS (A-MONT)
Assemblage (Bât G)
Assemblage / Device mounting
Ultron Systems, Inc.


  • Semiautomatic operation, fully programmable
  • Touchscreen LCD panel
  • Microprocessor control, ensures precise, flexible, uniform, and repeatable cleaning
  • Store 10 programs, each with up to 99 different clean/rinse/dry steps, with 999 seconds maximum per step
  • Non-volatile memory for program storage
  • Accommodates up to 8" diameter wafers; and up to 6" diameter wafers mounted on a film frame or grip ring
  • Interchangeable chuck capability
  • Both hot and cool dry modes available
  • Standard wafer/wafer carrier chuck with vacuum hold (specify wafer/wafer carrier size)


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