Picture of Film monter UH-115 MOS (A-MONT)
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Wafer/Frame film monter UH-115

Equipement permettant le collage de wafers 4 pouces sur film adhésif avant découpe.

l'avantage de cette technique est l'absence de bulles d'air entre le film adhésif et le wafer.

Wafer/Frame Film monter UH-115

Equipment allowing the gluing of 4 inch wafers on adhesive film before cutting.

the advantage of this technique is the absence of air bubbles between the adhesive film and the wafer.



Tool name:
Film monter UH-115 MOS (A-MONT)
Assemblage (Bât G)
Assemblage / Device mounting
Ultron Systems, Inc.
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8 hours
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0 hours
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  • Static Ionization Bar w/power safety interlock
  • Motor-assisted film feed
  • Take-up roller assembly
  • Single-pass lamination
  • Adjustable motorized roller speed and pressure
  • Workstage height adjustable from top of unit
  • Accommodates film/protective layer wound on the outside or inside


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