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Micro-Soudeuse Delvotec 5430

Equipement automatique permettant la réalisation de micro-soudures Wedge et ball en deep access permettant de souder des fils d'or, aluminium et cuivre allant de 17 à 75 µm sur des substrats métallisés. 

Delvotec 5430 Micro-wire bonder

Automatic equipment allowing the realization of Wedge and ball micro-bonding in deep access allowing to weld gold, aluminum and copper wires ranging from 17 to 75 μm on metallized substrates.



Tool name:
Micro-soudeuse Delvotec 5430 (A-MONT)
Assemblage (Bât G)
Assemblage / Device mounting
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8 hours
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0 hours
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  • Process 17.5 to 75 micron wire
  • Multi-wire function
  • Motor driver Y + Z axis (step-back)
  • Variety of loop formations, including reverse loop
  • Touch down sensor initiates bending on actual contact with substrate
  • Switch bonding
  • Tailing controlled, more consistant bond foot and fewer lost wires
  • Programs saved to floppy


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