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Experimental layout optimization and process development is highly time consuming and cost intensive. 

Calculation of the intensity image allows layout optimization (OPC), mask layout verification, optimization of process conditions (e.g. illumination, stack) and process window (e.g. gap or defocus and exposure dose variation) by varying the layout and/ or exposure parameters.

Thousands of experiments can be computed “overnight” without producing masks or “burning” wafers.

Once a good image contrast has been obtained, 3D resist development modeling allows further optimization of the resist profiles. Complex process effects such as lateral development, density dependent bias in electron-beam or in laser lithography can be analyzed and compensated.


Logiciel de simulation dse procédés de photolithographie.

Tool name:
GenISys lab (LOGICI)
Photolithographies (Bât F)
Photolithographie / Photolithography
Lab v4.7.0

LAB Major Features

Layout Operations

  • Import and Export of all major layout formats (GDSII, OASIS, CIF, DXF)
  • Loading full mask layout data
  • Extraction (Region, Layer, Cell), Transformation
  • (Scale, Shift, Mirror, Rotate)
  • Heal, Bias, Boolean operations, Merge

Layout Editor

  •  Creation of new layouts
  • Layout modification within flows for manual OPC

Mask Definition

  • Arbitrary layouts, regions of large
  • mask data
  • Mask corner rounding modelling
  • Gray-tone mask
  • Phase shift mask

Stack Definition

  • Any substrate and coating material with wavelength specific n/k parameters from material database
  • Anti reflection coating (ARC)
  • Resist with wavelength dependent n/k, bleaching, Dill and development parameters (Mack4, CAR, Percolation, Threshold)
  • 3D Topography (optional)

Proximity Exposure

  • Source spectrum (single line, broadband, peak-width)
  • Source shape (circular with collimation angle, user defined, SÜSS exposure optics)
  • Mask/Illumination tilt in X and Y
  • Fast and accurate simulation of 2D or 3D intensities based on Rayleigh- Sommerfeld and Transfer-matrix method (TMM)
  • Arbitrary gap from contact to large distance


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