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Système automatique de polissage Mécano Chimique, enlèvement de couche chimique et planarisation, polissage. Le système CDP convient à une large gamme d'applications de traitement de matériaux, notamment: plaquette de silicium CMP CMP global de semi-conducteurs composés III-C CMP global de nitrure de silicium, oxydes et couches de polymères CMP global de matériaux fragiles et friables Substrats de nitrure de gallium et de carbure de silicium Récupération de substrats prêts pour le PEV Amincissement final des plaquettes SOS et SOI à moins de 20 microns Retardement de l'appareil pour les applications d'ingénierie inverse ou d'analyse des pannes

CDP Automatic, Chemical Delayering & Planarization, Polishing System

The CDP system is suitable for a wide range of materials processing applications including: Silicon wafer CMP Global CMP of III-V Compound Semiconductors Global CMP of Silicon Nitride, Oxides & Polymer Layers Global CMP of brittle, friable IR material substrates Global CMP of Sapphire, Gallium Nitride & Silicon Carbide substrates Reclamation of EPI ready substrates Final stage thinning of SOS and SOI wafers to below 20 microns Device delayering for Reverse Engineering or Fault Analysis applications

Tool name:
polisseuse CDP41 (A-POLI)
Assemblage (Bât G)
Assemblage / Device mounting
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6 hours
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0 hours
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  • Power supply 2 x 220/240V, 50Hz
  • Fuse rating 2 x 16A
  • Plate speed 0-160rpm
  • Plate diameter 51cm (20")
  • Max. plate temperature 60 deg C (140 deg F)
  • Min. plate temperature Ambient room temperature
  • Plate rotation Forward & reverse direction settings
  • Carrier speed 0-125rpm Max. carrier back
  • pressure 32psi (2.5 bar) LINE PRESSURE** Max. carrier down pressure / load 9psi (0.62 bar) LINE PRESSURE** Min. carrier down pressure / load 1psi (0.069 bar) LINE PRESSURE Carrier sizes available 1CDP41 (max. Ø4" wafer) 1CDP61 (max. Ø8" wafer) Pressure over each carrier 1CDP41: Pressure max. 33psi (2.28 bar) Pressure min. 0.78psi (0.054 bar) 1CDP61: Pressure max. 108psi (7.44 bar) Pressure min. 0.48psi (0.034 bar)
  • Carrier template details Single die or IC template for 1CDP41 2" wafer template for 1CDP41 3" wafer template for 1CDP41 4" wafer template for 1CDP41 5" wafer template for 1CDP61 6" wafer template for 1CDP61 8" wafer template for 1CDP61 Other optional custom templates available at point of order
  • Height 1854mm
  • Depth 935mm
  • Width 665mm
  • Packed weight 650kg
  • Machine weight 534kg
  • Max. slurry flow rate 500 ml/min
  • Min.slurry flow rate 20 ml/min 
  • Pad conditioning flow rate 115 ml/min
  • Count down timer From 10 hours down to zero


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